College Planning

Don’t panic.
Smart college planning is possible, no matter how “behind” you feel.

Planning for college is a process that some families start before their child is even born. If you’re like most families, however, you didn’t start that process until much later. Don’t worry — you don’t have to feel guilt and panic if you haven’t started planning until now. There are options, and smart ones at that.

Short-Term College Planning

Many families don’t start planning for college until four years before their child leaves for school. This is called “short-term college planning.” Unfortunately, people often use long-term financial strategies during this period, which is a big mistake. Short-term financial planning strategies are hands down the smartest way to maximize your resources if you’ve just started planning.

Let FSR be Your Guide

Proper planning for college is multifaceted, and can be quite confusing. In addition to ensuring your child is properly funded, you need to support him or her in choosing the right college and the right major.

We’re happy to assist at any point in your planning process. We’ll listen, ask the right questions and tailor solutions to your individual needs to help guide your child toward a bright future — without putting a burdensome strain on your resources.

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