Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

This EFC formula is calculated as follows :

Parents Income/Assets                             Student’s Income/Assets

EFC Formula


Assets used to calculate the EFC formula in FAFSA:

fsr_mini Investments such as Stock Portfolios, Mutual Funds, CD’s, and Bonds
fsr_mini Real estate other than the family residence
fsr_mini Current Cash, Savings, and Checking accounts
fsr_mini 529 savings plan, Education IRA, or any higher education savings plan
fsr_mini Small business with more than 100 employees

The following assets are not included in the EFC formula:

fsr_mini 401(k) plans, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, and other retirement plans
fsr_mini Home equity (the difference between home value and home debt)
fsr_mini Cash surrender value of life insurance policies
fsr_mini Small business with fewer than 100 employees
fsr_mini Farm equity for a farm in which the family lives


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