College Planning Resources

The College Planning process can be a very confusing and difficult process. From school selection to maximizing financial aid the decisions are endless.

The single best tool you can have is a binder to make yourself organized. When people come into our office we will give them a packet for their binder.

The internet is wealth of knowledge but you have to know where to go. The best site for information about any school is They have all of the critical information not only about the school but also about it’s financial information. is where you will go to file your FAFSA. Remember it is free to file a FAFSA. Do NOT go to as they will try to charge you to file your FAFSA. is another wealth of knowledge pertaining to financial aid and scholarships.


*If you need help creating a plan for college, we offer a free one hour consultation to everyone. To schedule an appointment please call our office at (630) 993-8200 or fill out this form.