The College Visit

So it’s time for your son or daughter to start looking at schools.  The process can often seem overwhelming.  There are 6,000 different colleges in the united states alone*.  There are going to be many factors that go into what school your child goes to, but one of the most important is going to be the on-campus college visit.

The college visit is where you get the chance to really see what life is like on the campus.  When you visit the college you’ll get a chance to, get a vibe of the local community, see the classrooms, visit a typical dorm room, talk with current students and talk with advisers and professors from the school.

The college visit is important to both you and the school.  It’s the schools chance to sell you and your child on their institution and a chance for you to learn as much as you can about the school.

We highly recommend having a list of questions prepared ahead of time.  We have prepared an extensive list that can help you start preparing.

College Evaluation Chart



*National Center for Education Statistics