Debt Ceiling Implications

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This week’s Thought of the Week is coming to you early because of the ongoing debates about the debt ceiling and the importance of it. We highly urge everyone to read this article to fully understand what is happening within our government at the moment. Our Investment Committee has a few thoughts on the subject.

  • The media has devoted a great deal of attention towards the government shutdown and debt ceilings this week, as well as a possible default by the U.S. government on its debt.
  • Whereas we feel that the government shutdown is immaterial, the debt ceiling issue is a more serious situation as even a threat of default will cause long-term interest rates to rise.
  • Although we believe that the odds of a default are extremely low, we are taking steps to shield our income portfolios from the negative effects of rising interest rates.

Once again we want to reiterate how important this article will be for everyone to read. This will give you a complete understanding of the biggest concern in our country right now. Read this week’s Thought of the Week to learn more about the debt ceiling.

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