Earnings Season

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This week’s “Thought of the Week” will discuss what factors are most likely to drive financial markets in 2013. Investors’ tendency has been to rush into equity funds as the stock market reaches a high and sell those same funds when markets are falling. Are they not heeding the stock market mantra, “Buy low; sell high?” Well… no!

Our investment committee will discuss how corporate earnings reports are the most telling market predictor to the informed investor —more important than political opinion and media sentiment. Of course, these reports need to be examined carefully, as company directors are masters at managing investor expectations. Good food for thought awaits you in “Earnings Season.”

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As an Investment Advisory Representative working in conjunction with Global Financial Private Capital (GFPC) we are provided weekly thoughts on what is happening in the economy and the market.  Written by our investment committee at GFPC we find these thoughts to be informative and interesting.

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