Ed Slott Talks Taxes

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I have been in the CPA business since 1974 and the Financial Advisory business since 1992.   Planning for clients’ IRA’s, 401k’s and other retirement accounts has been and always will be a large component of my business.  As I grew in experience, one name kept coming up as the pre-eminent expert in this field: Ed Slott.

Ed Slott is a CPA who offers his expertise to financial advisors around the country.  The Wall Street Journal has called Ed “The Best Source for IRA Advice.”

Around seven years ago, I attended one of Ed’s two-day training conferences for advisors to brush up and expand my skills and found the education to be invaluable.

Ed Slott can be seen several times a year on your local PBS station giving the general public ideas to reduce their future tax burden.  His first public television special, “Stay Rich Forever and Ever with Ed Slott” was the No. 1 fundraising special across America in 2008.

Why am I singing the praises of Ed Slott?  We have talked to many people about the role taxes play in planning for your IRA and other retirement accounts.  Ed has a quick 10 minute video that explains in “plain English” what we have been preaching at our office.  Below is the video by Ed entitled, “Life Insurance for Life and Beyond” which explains the concept of re-positioning your taxable and tax-deferred assets into tax-free assets and eliminating the “five risks” you have in your current portfolio.

If you have questions after the video, please contact me and I’d love to discuss this further with you.

~Scott Bretl

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