Financial Services

Keep the cookie cutters in the kitchen.

When it comes to financial planning, there are a lot of options out there. Unfortunately, most financial planners use cookie-cutter strategies (and have very little concern with tailoring them to your individual needs).

At Financial Self Reliance, we work a little differently. We provide a full suite of financial planning services, but we do it with a twist.

Our Secret

Our guiding principle is simple: Minimizing Loss + Maximizing Opportunity = Financial Security.

But if wealth management were really that simple, we wouldn’t be in business. Let us partner with you and show you the road to financial security, one step at a time.

How We’re Different

Most financial advisers and investors worry about just one thing: rate of return. Though we agree that rate of return is important, it’s far from being the most important aspect of financial planning. At FSR, we take a diversified, individual approach to make sure your money is working for you in multiple ways.

Is Financial Planning Really Necessary?

To achieve, grow and sustain wealth, you need a strategy and a plan. It’s one thing to manage your money — it’s another thing to truly harness the power of your wealth and make your money work for you.

Most people don’t think about it this way, but every day, you’re transferring money to other people. We call this “wealth transferring.” The most common types of wealth transfers are:

  • Taxes
  • Interest Paid
  • Investment Losses
  • College Costs

The problem with wealth transfers is that you don’t just lose the money you transfer to others. You also lose what you could have earned with that money by putting it to strategic use.

If you could reduce your wealth transfers by just 10 percent, you’d be amazed at the affect it could have on your overall financial picture.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to financial planning and how we can tailor our strategies to fit your needs.