IRA & 401k Rollovers

Don’t lose track of your money. Stay on track to a successful retirement.

Instead of being actively engaged in their retirement savings, many people set up their IRA and 401k accounts and forget about them. Until it’s actually time to retire, retirement seems like a mysterious, elusive concept. The same goes for retirement savings — unless you’re purposeful about it, that savings can easily seem like another pesky paycheck deduction, just like Medicare, Social Security and taxes.

Because of this, many people have what we call “orphan” accounts. Whether you’ve transferred to a new job and left your 401k behind or you’ve simply set up a retirement account that you haven’t been actively engaged with, regaining control of these accounts is essential.

We Can Help You Take Charge of Your Future

If you feel ambivalent about your retirement account(s), think about it this way — that money is yours, and you’re going to need it someday. Unfortunately, “set it up and forget it” often turns into, “I had no idea my money was invested in a common stock fund that just lost 40% of its value.”

Whether you’ve left your job or have an “orphan” IRA, we’d love to talk to you and help you get back on track. Now is a better time than ever to stop and analyze your situation. Take charge of your assets — it’s the best way to pave the road to financial self reliance.