Privatized Banking

Privatized Banking is a method whereby one creates a pool of cash that can be used to finance one’s lifestyle, purchases, business ventures, and just about any expense.

By using Privatized Banking, you can recover the interest expenses you pay to finance cars or other major purchases.

By using Privatized Banking, you can recover the “lost fortune” on the money you needlessly give to financial institutions.

You can do this on a tax-advantaged basis!

We will teach you how to utilize Privatized Banking to become your own banker and:

  • Create your own “banking system” using dividend-paying, permanent life insurance.
  • Use available savings and cash flow to build your own “bank.”
  • Capitalize and establish your plan.
  • Use this method to finance your automobile purchases and even to finance your home.
  • Expand your privatized banking system to accommodate all income through a system of banks to increase your personal wealth.
  • Finance your business equipment.

Watch the video below for a quick explanation of Privatized banking.