Safe Money Alternatives

Tired of the stock market rollercoaster?

Few people realize it, but there are non-traditional alternatives to the stock market. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re throwing your money away, it’s time to switch to a safer, more stable alternative.

Often, we use these analogies to help our clients understand what safe money alternatives can do for them:

The Special Slot Machine

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you can certainly understand the allure of slot machines. In an instant, you can make unthinkable amounts of money. The downside to slot machines is that you rarely win — you can stuff one with money all day, but you might not get anything in return. That’s the chance you take (sort of like the stock market).

But what if there was a special slot machine? What if it returned your money if you didn’t win? Of course, there has to be a catch. When you win on this slot machine, you only win 60-70% of the jackpot. If you like the idea of this slot machine, safe money alternatives could be right for you.

The Magic Quarterback

If you’re not a gambler, maybe you’re a football fan. What if your team had a special quarterback? He’s a great quarterback, not because he throws the ball very far, but because he never throws interceptions. He passes the ball the entire game. Sometimes his receivers don’t catch the ball, but he never turns the ball over. Is this the kind of quarterback you’d want on your team?

Safe Money Alternatives: The Real Thing

Of course the special slot machine and the magic quarterback don’t exist. But in the financial world, you do have the ability to participate in the growth of the stock market without any risk of losing your money to a market collapse.

We’d love to talk with you about safe money alternatives and how they can work for you. For more information, simply give us a call.