How And When to Invest In Commodities

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Our Chief Strategist, Mike Sorrentino, wrote an article explaining his approach towards commodities as a long-term investment. The biggest problem with commodities is that many have been decimated in recent years. This is due to the fact that there is weak demand and ample supply. Any time commodity prices remain low for an extended period of time, bargain hunters emerge looking for the bottom. As Mike states, calling bottoms is financial suicide for 99.9% of those in the market because there are only two possible outcomes: 1) You are going to be wrong, or 2) You are going to get lucky. The point here is that there’s a big difference between taking risk and managing risk, and your well-being will be far better served by focusing on the latter of the two. Please take some time to read the article for a better understanding of investing in commodities.

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